Wainwright rocks the Young Voices concert

18th January 2018

Young Voices 2018Our ‘Wainwright Rocks’ choir yesterday attended the Young Voices concert at Sheffield Arena, putting on an awesome performance alongside pupils from other academies and schools from around the region. This was the choir’s fourth year at the concert, joining over 5000 other children to sing a range of songs to an arena packed with an excited audience of supporters.

The concerts are a superb showcase of talent and creativity these young children possess, and our involvement has enabled a large number of Wainwright pupils to show the world what they can do, grow in confidence, and develop new skills through their rehearsals and performances.

Mrs Hallam, pastoral officer, accompanied the children with Miss Deakin and Mrs Radford and said, “The whole Young Voices experience is magical and emotional – I’m so moved with pride when listening to all the children singing with such passion and in harmony. It was extra special as Wainwright also got a shout-out on the evening! I would like to say a special thank you to the families and carers of our pupils for your support in making this event happen. Your children were absolutely amazing – what a credit they are to you and to our academy!”

For the parents of children who took part in the young voices concert, we have planned a performance to take place at the academy on Wednesday 14th February at 2pm. There will be a showcase of singing, plus photos from the concert and some videos too!

Finally, Wainwright Rocks will continue every Monday between 3.10pm-4.10pm – we hope that all the children will continue to attend so they can be a part of other events throughout the coming year.