Pupils go wild at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

1st February 2018

Yorkshire Wildlife Park visitOn Friday last week (26 January 2018), children from years 1 and 2 went really wild… fortunately just on a trip to discover and research animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, near Doncaster.

The pupils and staff were excited to walk around the park seeing all the different animals including big cats such as lions, tiger and leopards, together with lemurs, monkeys, wallabies, black rhinos and much more besides. Of the larger animals, the group really enjoyed seeing the giraffes, but the polar bears were more exciting, showing off by swimming and playing in their amazing large enclosure habitats.

The chidldren were treated to a learning session with one of the park rangers, and then got to touch a milk snake, cockroach or giant snail – the pupils all really enjoyed handling animals that they might not normally get chance to.

The day was a great success and opened our pupils up to a world of animals that many had never seen before – we were pleased to be able to give pupils this fabulous learning experience.