Derby University workshop treat for Layla

25th June 2018
Layla attends University workshopAt Wainwright Primary, it is always amazing for us to see pupils with special talents – Layla, one of our year 3 pupils, has recently attended a specialist ‘writers den’ workshop at Derby University. Her teacher Miss Chadburn recognised her talents in writing and organised for her to attend this session. This would be a huge achievement for any pupil, but even more special is the fact that the workshop is for children aged 10 to 15, and Layla was accepted under exceptional circumstances as she is just 8 years old!

Below is one of her short stories – we’re so proud of the work Layla has produced and wanted to share with our whole academy community. Well done – keep up the great work.

“The Lamp posts are spying on me

The lamp posts are spying on me, with their bright glaring eye, acting like an every night object. Only I can see the eye, staring at me. Like a tiger, I’m the prey, the eye fixed on me, claws out ready to pounce….

Asleep when off, awake when on. Everyday I stare at the shut eye that dreams of mischief to do at night. I stare at the open eye staring into my soul, sending shivers down my spine, making my goosebumps get goosebumps.

The eye only I can see, the eye that follows me around wherever I walk. I hate looking into the eye, but a sensation runs through my body…. forcing me to look."