Sports Relief

21st March 2016

The children came to school dressed in their sports kits with a donation of 50p for Sports Relief. In our classes, we watched videos about different children who were of similar age to us and learnt about how their lives were different to ours. This then led us to discuss what we are thankful for.

Throughout the day each class also took part in a skipathon, where we had to see who could skip the most to music in a timed minute! We had lots of fun!

In one minute, the staff managed 2,404 skips altogether!!

Here are the list of the winners. There were 2 winners in most classes; one for the most skips in a minute and one for the most effort.

FS2 – Katie and Nevan (effort)

1W – Aaron (most) and Charlie (effort)

1P – Lily (most) and Isabelle (effort)

2W – Natasza (most) and Eleanor (effort)

2P – Tia (most) and Deividas (effort)

Year 3 – Kelsey and Bethan (top 2 most)

4W – Oliwia (most) and Josh (effort)

4P – Jenson (most)

Year 5 – Henry and Olivia (top 2 most) Jade (effort)

Year 6 – Corey (most) and Tasha (effort)

Well done to everyone!! Photographs and total amount raised to follow shortly ....