Learning about money with LifeSavers

2nd February 2018

LifeSavers scheme launchedWainwright Primary Academy have just signed up to be part of an exciting scheme that will help children at the academy understand all about money, it’s value, and how to save. The ‘LifeSavers’ scheme is a financial education programme for primary schools, helping children and their families manage money wisely. The scheme provides training and resources for teachers, offers support for school savings clubs, and encourages parental and wider community engagement.

To kick-start the scheme, the academy will be supporting children to learn about how banks operate and the importance of saving money. To put this in context, we will be launching our own bank, collecting savings, recording the deposits and transferring all monies to an accredited external banking source – this will be fully secure and monitored by staff. To get children into the habit of saving often, no matter what the amount, there will be prizes for those children who save consistently.

Over the coming weeks, children will be introduced to this scheme and asked to apply for positions within the WPA bank – a letter has been sent home today outlining how children can get involved and the requirements of roles in our bank.

We think this is an exciting opportunity to learn about money and saving, and provides pupils the chance to get involved in a position of responsibility, teaching them a number of essential life skills along the way.