Key stage 2 cheering on the Tour of Britain

6th September 2017

This morning, pupils in key stage 2 had the amazing opportunity to go and watch the Tour of Britain.

Luckily for us, we were invited to go and sit outside the fire station so we got front row seats! We took musical instruments with us and some friendly wardens also gave us bright yellow clappers to help us make even more noise to cheer on the riders.

It really was a fantastic experience and the children all looked incredibly smart and made us feel very proud. We've also made it on to Twitter and the Nottingham Post, thanks to the friendly fire fighters who invited us over.

Follow the link below and scroll down to the 11.39am slot to watch a short video of us cheering on the riders outside the fire station.…/live-coverage-nottinghamshi…

And click on the link below to see us on Twitter.