Hunting for mini-beasts!

5th December 2017

Mini-beast huntingLast week we were visited by the RSPB who came to the academy to take our foundation stage children on a mini-beast hunt.

We heard a lovely story about a ladybird who could not find a home, until she realised that she could live on any flower or leaf she saw. The pictures in the story showed us the homes of lots of different mini-beasts including woodlice, worms and pond skaters – this led us into our mini-beast hunt where we searched the academy grounds for the homes of many different mini-beasts.

Everyone got involved with searching in the mud under the leaves we found a lots of different mini-beasts including woodlice, spiders, caterpillars, slugs, and lots of other small creatures that live outdoors.

We really enjoyed our day of mini-beast hunting and are going to go on another hunt around our academy when the weather allows. The foundation team are also going to make a mini-beast habitat in the foundation garden, and would appreciate any donations of wood such as logs. If you have something you can spare us, please talk to main reception about how you can get this to us!