Fantastic fossils at Wainwright!

15th November 2017

Fantastic fossils at Wainwright PrimaryLast week pupils in our year 3 classes were treated to a unique learning opportunity as they were able to see, feel and experience some spectacular fossils here at the academy.

The fabulous collection of fossils was on loan to Wainwright, and children were all very excited as the increasingly large fossils were unveiled by Miss Smith during their lesson. The fossils started off small with some bones from Stone Age creatures, they grew rapidly in size…. a tooth from a Woolly Mammoth was followed by a spinal vertebra from a Woolly Rhino before the main event! Miss Smith revealed the last fossil – a huge part of a Woolly Mammoth’s femur. The children were amazed to see the size of this particular fossil and were then able to imagine how huge a fully formed adult Mammoth would be.

Miss Smith said, “The children were excited and fascinated during our lesson and I was so pleased to be able to borrow this set of fossils. They were owned by the manager of a quarry, who I bumped into in a restaurant after spending the day looking for fossils on the coast – what a fabulous experience for our children, which all came about by chance!”