Ethel Wainwright Day

6th May 2016

Ethel Wainwright Day – Friday 6th May

Every year, as part of our curriculum enrichment, we celebrate ‘Ethel Wainwright Day’.  As a school we are extremely proud to be named after Ethel Wainwright as she achieved so much in her lifetime and worked tirelessly to improve the education for children in Mansfield. We want our children to learn about inspirational people whose lives have had an impact on modern Britain and the wider world.  Ethel was certainly one of these people!

Please see below the list of Ethel’s achievements.





‘A strong supporter of the Women's Suffrage Movement, Ethel possessed a great determination and pioneering spirit which led her to achieve many "firsts" in her life time:-  

1920 First Lady Councillor.

1924 First Lady Magistrate.

1927 First Lady Chairman of Education Committee.

1928 First Lady Alderman.

1929 First Lady Mayor of Mansfield.

1947 First Lady Freeman not only in Mansfield but throughout the kingdom