Developing strong community links

2nd May 2018

Community donations benefit academy pupilsBuilding strong links in our community is very important to the academy, and recently we have been delighted that local businesses and groups have once again supported the pupils at Wainwright Primary Academy and their families.

The academy works in partnership with Ladybrook Community Centre on a regular basis – last Thursday members of the centre team delivered a selection of food items to Wainwright. These had been supplied by our local Tesco to be shared with the families of Wainwright pupils.

Another developing link is with Fusion take-away, which is directly opposite the academy. Fusion have been working with the academy PTA and recently made a £50 donation to be used at future events for our pupils. The owners of Fusion have been invited to join our PTA meetings to discuss ways in which we can work with them to benefit pupils in the future.

We would like to thank all Ladybrook Community Centre, Tesco and Fusion for their generosity and support.