A message ahead of SATs for our year 6...

13th May 2018

Smash it year 6!Ahead of the key stage 2 SATs which begin tomorrow, Mrs Travill, Miss Westmoreland and the rest of the Wainwright Primary community wanted to send a message to our year 6 pupils.

“Before these tests start for our children, we just wanted to say how proud we are of all of our year 6 pupils. It has been a fantastic academic year so far with some superb learning and incredible progress alongside some memorable trips and experiences. Our children have become resilient and ambitious learners and we know you are absolutely ready for SATs and ready to shine.

We would like to wish all of year 6 the best of luck – our staff can’t wait to greet you at 8:30 tomorrow morning with breakfast and music in your classrooms.

We know that SATs are what we have all been working towards for months. However, what our year 6 teachers really see are a brilliant bunch of children who have grown up so much this year and who make us laugh and smile every day. They have developed incredible skills which SATs don’t test and it is these skills which will help them on their journeys through life and education.

Smash it year 6!!!”